Hi, my name is Daniel G. Rego. I’m a tech advisor and social entrepreneur.

I believe that many systems are broken. From the educational system to the way we work. It might be a lack of vision, or lack of will. Maybe both. Simply put, I believe that many foundational systems haven’t adapted to the 21st century. Yet.

That being said, I think there are wonderful opportunities ahead of us. I am inspired by talented, driven people who are devoted to improve the world around us. From those folks, I learn. And I contribute by leveraging innovation and technology to solve some of society’s most pressing matters. As a result, I have founded startups, non-profits and advised leading institutions on how to brave this new century.

I’m always interested to learn and to help. Drop me a line.

Dan Rego/ Daniel Rego /Daniel G Rego

Some of Dan’s Future Ready Clients


I advise the world’s leading institutions on how to brave this new century.

Odds are, you’ve positively experienced a product or service by one of my clients, ranging from startups and Fortune 500 companies to governments and nonprofits across four continents.